You know how much I hate it when people rip off my work and pass it off as their own. You see, it’s just not right. Also, it’s not so hard to open up an account on and start writing your own pointless blog on the interwebs. It’s also kind of creepy when somebody tries to pass off my experiences as their own.

websapientSo imagine how incensed I was when WebSapient, a supposedly “experienced and well established web design company specializing in website design and e-commerce development,” rips off the entire portfolio of one of my friends and fellow TMB monkey, Marco Palinar. It’s so not cool.

I know this kind of thing happens all the time, but come on, it doesn’t mean we have to let this slide. Want proof that they ripped off Marco? Check out his awesome, jaw-dropping, rock-and-rollin’ portfolio:

Marco Palinar portfolio

Now I won’t link WebSapient, but you can check out their portfolio by checking this screencap out:

Credit for the screencaps goes to Liz.

See?! They blatantly ripped off Marco’s ENTIRE portfolio. This isn’t as simple as somebody copying my blog entries, this is Marco’s bread and butter. They are getting paid for somebody else’s hard work. Also, those guys are in for a world of pain: as Baddie said, Marco isn’t just “the site guy”, he’s also “The World’s Angriest Web Designer.”

Now you can help us spread the word and help us stop WebSapient’s bullshit by doing three things. You can either:

  • Write a blog entry about WebSapient ripping off Marco,
  • You can Digg Liz’s blog entry, or bookmark it on Delicious,
  • Or you can talk about it on Twitter, Plurk, Friendfeed, or wherever you kids go off to on the interwebs

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UPDATE: It looks like WebSapient took down their portfolio page. Yay! But will they rip off somebody else?

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