2006 was quite a year wasn’t it? I mean, it’s the year I started blogging seriously and look where it’s taken me.

By “where it’s taken me”, I mean a restraining order, pending libel lawsuit and a meeting with the office psychiatrist. Not to mention the fact that I’m out of the will and my family’s changing their last name out of shame. Because I’m messed-up like that, yo.

So how the hell did I end up this way? Well, mainly from these posts from 2006:

Posts that made people (most notably me) question my sanity:

How I helped men become chick-magnets:

I love movies. Very much.

My take on current issues:

Other questionable stuff that could get me fired:

Also, this is my blogging highlight of 2006.

So, what’s your favorite article? No, not from my blog, silly. From yours.

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