So I just spent six days in Hong Kong, and I honestly feel it was too short. C’mon, I needed more time to ogle at the awesomely hot Chinese and European women who were all over the place. Sadly though, it was as cold as hell when we got there, so everyone was covered. In layers.

My kung fu is better than your kung fu

Hills, Hills, and More Hills
This little factoid I found out when I decided that public transport is too expensive and that the weather’s good and I needed the exercise anyway, I should walk to the places within walking distance. Take, for instance, my aunt’s flat. I was told that it was a short ten-minute walk away from the hotel where I was staying. Nobody told me I had to go through like five hills, two parks, and an endless maze of steep stairways to get to her flat. Needless to say, I was a shivering pile of pain when I got to her place.

I took the cab back.

Language Barrier
So I tried very hard- very, very hard- to speak slowly and clearly to the non-english speaking natives so that we’d be able to communicate properly. But seriously, sometimes, I couldn’t get through to them. Case in point:

ME: I’d like to have some water please.

Five minutes pass. Waitress comes back. With a big sheepish grin.

ME: Where’s my water?
WAITRESS: Water closet?
ME: No, not water closet. Water! (Makes a drinking motion, hoping that sign language gets through)

Waitress comes back, holding a bottle in her hands. She unceremoniusly dumps the bottle on my hands.

ME: This is not water.
WAITRESS: But it is!
ME: This is ginger ale.
WAITRESS: Sorry, I speak no engrish, lah!
ME: … I kinda figured that out for myself.

So she grabbed another waiter, and he in turn grabbed another one. So the three of them came back and forth, giving me:

  • Wine
  • Soda water
  • Ginger ale. Again.
  • Sprite
  • Bubble Gum

When they finally figured out I wanted water, they gave me a bottle of Evian, which was fricking expensive but I was too tired to ask for another brand anymore. Also, it didn’t taste any different from your run-of-the-mill normal water.

The hotel I was staying at is located at mid-levels, where all the expats live and where everything looked so posh and shiny. I seriously fell in love with the place, with its maze of interconnected walkways and old buildings side-by-side with the new. I walked around the area past midnight, without any fear of muggers and shit while taking pictures of everything. Also, to that Russian woman I followed for two streets, I’m so sorry. I promise to not follow you around while rubbing my crotch with one hand, camera in the other and generally looking like a sexual predator. Also, your dad carries a nice gun.

Anyway, I love Hong Kong. I really do. I wanna go back there and probably stalk some Russian girls again or something. Also, pictures are found in my Multiply.

Have you guys been on an out of the country trip lately? Tell me about it!

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