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Spammers Say the Darnest Things

You see, I can be a bit of a snark at times. But really, I’m a generally nice guy. Shut up or I’ll kick your ovaries so hard they’ll shoot out your nose. Now go make me a turkey sammich. Anyway, I just realized that I’ve been ignoring these spam comments for over a year now, and will you look at that, they’re just begging for attention. And since I am not a rude motherfucker, I decided to show some lovin’ and reply to those comments.

Spam Boy

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A Day in the Life of Batman and Robin

Batman & Robin: Rawr!

Howdy, folks! As you might all know, I’m a big fan of Batman. He rocks. He kicks ass. Hence, I took it upon myself to educate the non-fans who think that Batman and Robin are having an inappropriate relationship. What the heck is wrong with you, people? BATMAN’S NOT A PEDOPHILE! And to prove it to you, I give you…

A Day in the Life of Batman and Robin

There’s no better way to start the day than
to wake up beside your young ward.
That, and a shower together.

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