Facebook Places: Oh, The Fun I’ll Have

I’ve never been a huge fan of location sharing services. Yeah, I have a Foursquare account, but I checked in only once, and I was drunk. I quickly lost interest in updating the goddamn site, along with my will to… Continue Reading →

Moratorium: Liking Your Own Facebook Status

To the people who like their own Facebook statuses, I have one simple question: why? Please tell me. Are you desperate to have people liking your well-thought of and meticulously researched status (and you researched by googling for “love quotes”… Continue Reading →

Facebook Quizzes That Should Never See The Light Of Day

Who else here spends their time on Facebook, poking people and making sure that every ounce of possible productivity is wasted? Not you? Fuck. Okay, since nobody wants to admit surfing Facebook a lot (you fuckers), I’ll just ask you… Continue Reading →

Facebook's New Layout: The 5 Stages of Bitching

So, a few months after the last facelift, Facebook once again changed their layout. And, frankly, people aren’t too happy with the change. So goes another round of interweb bitching about Facebook’s new layout, even if the site is for… Continue Reading →

Anger Management, I Fail At It

I’ve always thought of myself as the most patient person in the world. No, seriously. Just ask my ex girlfriends. (Kidding, ladies. Please don’t kill me.) But I’m becoming really, as in really, cranky and short-tempered as of late and… Continue Reading →

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