So I’ve been hit once again by that awesometastic bug we call writer’s block, and after sitting in front of my computer for an hour already with nothing coming out of my mind, I decided to just write about something 80% of the blogosphere blogs about already. For this entry I write about MUNDANE STUFF!

So get ready to be bored shitless as I spew paragraph upon paragraph of uninteresting stuff. I mean, everyone’s doing it anyway, why can’t I? Wait, I don’t think I can. how can I blog about utterly boring stuff when these awesome things are happening around me?

Vote for Ingrid Nieto on iTALENTSTAR!

Mellow 94.7 DJ Ingrid Nieto, an amazingly talented college classmate and good friend of mine, is among the 80 participants of the iTALENTSTAR Online Talent Competition in four South East Asian countries, namely the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. It’s basically American Idol. On the interwebs!

iTALENTSTAR is an online talent competition involving participants from four Southeast Asian countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines – an interactive experience that kicks off from 22 February 2008.

So please visit Ingrid’s official iTALENTSTAR Profile to vote for her. Please. She needs our votes!

Are you sure you want to let her lose?

Also, keep an eye on The Man Blog, because Ingrid might just be featured on TMB one of these days.

Please visit Ingrid’s official iTALENTSTAR Profile to vote for her. Spread the word!

Band. Gig. Watch.

Thanks to Lauren, my band (previously known as Crazy Monkey Girl, now known as Lose Your Beer Belly. No shit. Really.) has a gig this coming March 12 at Dayo Bar. Lauren’s band, Zoo, will also play. It is their production after all.

More on this in a future post.

The Emo Jologs Become Famous

Remember these guys?

These kids came from the second edition of Know Your Jologs, thanks to Jepoy who was able to find and send me these. What eagle-sharp eyes this Jepoy guy has. It’s definitely photoshop fodder. I mean what can you say bout those kids turning into this?

So yeah, emo GMA, Mike Defensor and Tito Sotto. Meh.

But now can you recognize these guys?

(Click them emos for larger image)

So yeah, this guy managed to vectorize those emo kids. How awesome can it get, right? That is one sweet design. Those kids don’t know how famous they are. And if it’s not enough, they also get to be on a shirt.

I would totally wear the shit out of that. Can somebody vectorize me and put me on a shirt?

Before we forget I’d like to ask you to again visit Ingrid’s official iTALENTSTAR Profile to vote for her. Like now. Coz I said so.

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