Know what scares me? I’ve been getting these awesometastic bouts of depression lately. I know that you’d probably either go “Oh, look, there’s Ade, overdramatizing again about his trivial problems. Let’s laugh at him!” or “Ade, here’s some Xanax. Please overdose yourself ktnx.” or “Ade, you need to get laid. Hey that rhymes!” or “Look, a pink unicorn!”

And I’m getting pretty scared because it’s coming on to often. But I just usually try to shrug it off by saying “Meh. I shall handle depression like a MAN!” and I’ll hide in my bedroom, burying myself in pillows and sobbing my eyes off while eating my second bucketful of KFC Chicken.

But to make me feel better I kinda had long talks with Kring and Sorsi (yeah, yeah, Sorsi’s the girl who makes me depressed and suicidal everytime I talk to her, yadda yadda. I was desperate.) and thanks to them I was able to cheer up. Also, I think Sorsi would make buttloads of cash if she ever does choose to take up life coaching as a career.

Take this conversation, for instance:

ME: Meh, I’m depressed.
SORSI: Again? You’ve been in and out of depression for, I dunno, a month?
ME: I know right.
SORSI: You suck.

Or this conversation:

: So, I’ve got this problem. There’s this girl-
SORSI: Girls won’t go for you, Ade. I think we’ve long established that.
ME: But-
SORSI: Wala kang, erm, “libog factor”. Either that or you’re a eunuch.
ME: … I hate you.


ME: You’re supposed to cheer me up.
SORSI: Fatso.

Hence, I’m pretty sure she’d make a pretty badass life coach if she wanted to. In fact, I’m recommending her to you all in case you need your lives straightened out or something.

On a completely unrelated note, here’s a video of my band playing at ToyCon 2008.

So yeah, in conclusion my weekend was made of pure unadulterated suck. How was your weekend?

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