You know very well that I don’t do serious posts, but this is an inappropriate time for humor. Your daily dose of retard will resume when the retardness crisis is over.

I woke up this morning to the sound of my phone ringing. It was my girlfriend, sounding very worried.

“Ade,” she said, “please take care. There’s a coup attempt going on.”

As my girlfriend stays in a dorm along school, I advised her to go home to Tarlac right away.

I went to work as usual (I go to work along Ortigas), and I could see the beginnings of a rally going on. Oh well, when you work along EDSA, you have to be used to the endless rallies that just come out of nowhere.

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But nothing prepared me for what happened next.

Since I don’t have the patience and time to do a liveblog about the crisis/coup, I will direct you to an excellent liveblog by La Vida Lawyer.

Ok. It’s chaotic outside, I’m smack in the middle of EDSA, and I don’t know how I’ll get home.

I’m just glad my girlfriend is safe at home.