I was waiting for the video to be uploaded by my bandmate before I write this entry, but then I guess I have to write about this already since it’s been five days. Goddammit Perf, upload that shit already!

“ZOMG BASS GUITAR! Waht do I do with thies theng again? Lolzies”

Anyway, I’ve been making noise about my band and our gig this 31st. In fact, because of this gig I missed the i.PH meetup and The Philippine Blog Awards. In lieu of rubbing elbows with hot and awesome bloggers, I was stuck in a smoke-filled bar with r0kkerzZzZ m/ and Marikina Orcs.

So that sucked. Especially when those people who promised me they’d show up and throw panties at my face when I get on stage made an awesome non-appearance.

So the place was infested with Marikina Orcs and all that. So we were expecting a load of ugly music coming up. Imagine our surprise when one by one, the bands came up and played AWESOME! They were MUTANTS! I didn’t know you can actually play a bass guitar by slamming a C2 bottle against it. And one bassist did that. Oh, he also set his bass down on the floor and played it like a piano. Also, that was just the FIRST band. So I like fainted and shit.

So when I came to, I saw that our vocalist (who dreams of becoming a rock star. Like me.) palpitating. And we were up next.

Anyway, we weren’t as good as the other bands. But we played awesomely. And we actually won second place. I know, I can’t believe it myself.

Anyway, photos are here. If you can’t see them, you have to add me up on Multiply first.

And since I don’t have a copy of the video, let me give you something similar to our performance to tide you over:

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