Let me open this blog entry by posting a message to the oil conglomerates and those who constantly raise prices of basic commodities like Mini Stop Kariman and those things I buy off street urchins (I don’t know what those things are, but I tend to float three feet off the ground whenever I sniff that stuff):

I hate you
Also, fuck you.

Now that rant’s safely out of the way, let me tell you what’s been bothering me lately. You see, it seems that every single thing has been becoming too expensive, too fast. Just the other day, bus fare jumped up a whopping three pesos. Okay, that didn’t sound too much, but for miserly old me, it’s a fortune. At this rate I’m pretty sure we’ll reach the point where a can of sardines will cost as much as the average yearly income of a small African country.

I’m pretty sure that with the constantly increasing prices, more and more people will end up like this guy two days after payday: staring at their wallets, checking their payslips, and going “what the fuck just happened?”

It really is annoying to see all my money well earned (by staring intently at my PC, Plurking and pretending to understand that goddamn Excel spreadsheet) go to waste. I will now try to think of some money-saving measures to maximize my moolah and to keep me from sucking cocks for food.

  • It is absolutely imperative that I stop spending for useless things like those pink fluffy pens that I keep under my bed.
  • Some people decided to stop driving to work and commute instead. I will take this a step further by not commuting to work and instead walk all the way from QC to Ortigas! Yeah.
  • Vegetable dish that costs 60 pesos? No. Sisig rice that costs 50 pesos? Hell yeah!
  • I decided that clothes are an unnecessary expense. Starting tomorrow I shall live the rest of my life naked.
  • Same goes for soap.

So yeah, monetary problems blow. Really. So what about you, what’re you doing about it? Leave me a comment.

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