Hello, ladies and gents! It’s that time again where I check my statistics and roundup the weirdest and creepiest search terms that led to my blog. I’ve done this before, and it scared me to death.

scared me

Eventually, reading through all these creepy search terms will lead me to doubt the mental health of my visitors and I will be so paranoid until I will shut this blog down and cut off all ties to the world.

And here we go, Creepy Search Terms Roundup Two:

  • how fat am i – very. Go away. Go live in some pet boarding house or whatever. Just go away.
  • willie revillame scandal – um, why? You wanna see Willie Revillame‘s, um, willie?
  • batman spanking robin – no…. Batman’s not gay!
  • can someone give me bang bus password? – I don’t have ’em but I’m sure Steel has a steady supply.
  • alamat ng gamit – wha-huh?
  • hotdog philippines sharing – I certainly hope this isn’t what I think it is.
  • david hassellhoff naked with puppies – First it was Willie Revillame, now it’s the Hoff? What is this, creepy guy appreciation day?
  • kiko matsing pics – I don’t have ’em, but I do have a nice Jolibee video for you… [Thanks Pik Pak Bum!]
  • in my swimming class one boy has man boobs – At least you don’t have them. Quit whining.
  • retard porn – This. Just. Left. Me. Speechless.
  • sam milby penis – Oh Dear Lord, what did I ever do to deserve this punishment?

And those so far are the creepiest of the lot. Now excuse me while I put a straitjacket on, lock myself up in a padded room, and go into the fetal position while I suck my thumb.

Do you get weird search terms?

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