After the nice response to my Dash Media pimping article, I’ve noticed that some of the comments have no idea what Dash Media is, or have misconceptions on what it is. There is a Dash Media FAQ, but then I like to answer these questions personally. I will answer those questions one by one so that we will clear up any confusion as what Dash Media really is. n00bs.

utakGAGO says,

i’ve seen dashmedia but i dunno really what it is.

Also, JUICE says,

I’ve been hearing or reading about dashmedia for quite a while but haven’t really gotten around to figure out what it is.

Well, Dash Media is a blog network/community dedicated to serving the public with Simply The Best Content Online. The founders (Mike “Fucking” Villar, Marco, the site guy and Adam Mordo) picked the first 25 blogs (ahem, us) from more than a hundred hopefuls. And come the next submission round, since they want to democratize the selection process, we will all be tasked to select the next 25 (no, you cannot bribe me with a rimjob). And that brings us to the next comment:

Jaypee says,

pwede pa ba sumali jan sa Dash Media?

Of course. But submissions are closed as of now. Just keep a good eye on The Dash, and according to Mike and Marco, a new round of submissions will open this November. Just watch out for it. Also, here is a blog entry on the selection process so you’d understand what we’re looking for.

Talamasca says,

So what does it offer to members, some sort of BlogExplosion-esque goodies or somethin’?

Oh noes, not BlogExplosion! You see, the biggest flaw with BlogExplosion is that it DOES drive traffic to your site, but since it forces you to surf member blogs randomly for a few seconds before you get switched over to another blog, it doesn’t really encourage you to stay on a website. It’s too much traffic driven, which Dash Media isn’t about.

We promote awesome content. We are trying to create a network and community of the best blogs the Philippines has to offer. If you make it past the next submission round, that means you are awesome.

Do I hear somebody saying “That’s fucking elitism! You’re looking down on the ordinary blogger you sux0rZzZ LOL”?

If you think that we are being elite, well, we won’t deny it. Dash Media was built upon the premise that there is too much muck in the blogosphere and the good blogs get trampled upon by the popular and mediocre. We are dedicated to find and showcase the best (underappreciated) blogs out there.

Finally, Pinoy Stupid talks about the banners:

At least mommy blogs with agonizingly pink templates won’t feel so terribly alienated by the choices. But I guess I’ll have to pass this time. Text link good enough?

First off, I don’t think Dash Media has a place for them mediocre mommy blogs. But if a mommy blogger is able to write fairly decent content she may have a place on The Dash in the future. And yes, a text link is good enough because the Dash Media badge is reserved only for members (LOL elitism), and we wear it proudly.

Finally, since the first batch of banners were too damn big (yes, I assumed that all members of Dash Media were proficient with Photoshop and photo resizing since we’re awesome), I had the badges go through an intense round of Beverly Hills rhinoplasty and here we go! More (smaller) gay-ified banners!

Ok, so I’m leaving you all to masturbate yet again to Dash Media. Have a great day!

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