So I’ve been tagged by Christine The Jew. So you know, I’m really not into answering memes, but I’m fighting off a flu and my brain’s totally not functioning, so yeah, I’ll do a big case of the lazy and answer that meme.

Basically, the premise is simple: Share the different names that different people call you.

  • Adrian – this is what people who have known me since childhood (relatives, childhood friends, and Mang Loretto the tricycle driver) have called me.It’s on my frigging birth certificate, for crying out loud. How boring can my name get?
  • Ade – For the last four or five years, people have been calling me Ade. Basically, I want a shortened version of “Adrian” without sounding like a certain sickness a certain retired basketball player named Magic Johnson has. Okay, so I have a short-ass nickname. Who would’ve thought that people would find different ways to pronounce it?
    • So I’ve been called “Eeeyyyyd”.
    • Also, I’ve been called “Ah-deh”. This usually makes me cringe.
    • And people also use “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYHD!!!” this usually involves moments of strong emotion, like when I run away with your food or something.

People also call me other names, and I go by:

  • Magnaye! – I don’t know how my last name (with an exclamation point) became a nickname, but people like Tahn use it. Inexplicably.
  • Gerald – this is what people too retarded to know the difference between R and L use (mostly teachers from grade school). I hate this name. Please don’t use this, lest I find you and scoop your eyes out with a plastic Jolibee spoon.
  • Dominic Ochoa – Shut up.

I also go by “pervert”, “douchebag”, “that creepy sweaty guy who likes to rub his crotch while he stares at me across the room”, and “Schlong McLong” (don’t ask) but let’s not go there.

So Christine The Jew, I’ve obliged and now I’m tagging a few people to keep this curse meme alive. So I’m tagging Yel the girlfriend (OF COURSE), Kring, Tahn, Ozy, Steel, Helga, CM, Euri, and Noelle.

And you, what are your nicknames?