We just got this from a neighbor:

If you’re wondering what that stuff is, it’s called Hemin and it’s supposedly the bread of Padre Pio.

The bread is called Hemin. It is the bread of Padre Pio and it comes from the Vatican. It brings good luck to every family that eats it.

Benj received the same dough a few days ago, and he’s, to put it bluntly, grossed out. According to the leaflet that came with the goo, you have to let it stand for a few days, add flour, milk, and sugar, and then bake it. Then eat the baked fermented dough. Also, you have to leave a small portion of the dough to ferment and give it away to the next unsuspecting victim devotee. (BTW, I didn’t take a picture of the stuff, so I googled it and found a pic here.)

I’m a devout Catholic (stop laughing, will you?!), but that’s stupid. This entire scheme smells fishy. Actually, it’s moldy, but screw you. God knows how long that bread has been in circulation. For all we know somebody from the Ebola-laden wetlands of Africa sneezed into the dough before it got to us.

But unlike some people who just followed the gramatically-incorrect instructions blindly, I did some research. You see, there’s no way in hell I’m gonna eat that. This is what I found out:

A friend approached me a little more than a week ago about this bread and asked if I would accept a portion to make and then give to 3 more friends.

I accepted, knowing that this was nothing more than the Amish Friendship Bread that made the rounds back in the 70’s.

Yesterday I received my portion along with the accompaning letter about the bread and the directions.

As I had suspected, it is exactly the same recipe as the Amish Friendship Bread.


It is a spiritual fallacy/false belief and there is no recommendation coming from Italy about it nor from San Giovanni Rotundo which is the monastery where Padre Pio lived and died.

Taken from here.

So there. Don’t eat the bread. Don’t spread it around. That’s thing a hoax. Or, as to quote Noelle, “You’ve been H0AX0RRR333D!!1111one”.

Also, another reason I’m so disturbed about this dough is that this stuff reminds me of something entirely else:

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