Because he currently has a double-barrel shotgun pointed at my head as of this very moment, I will give in to Rico‘s command request and post this. Because I value my life so.

Anyway, if you are out of a job, or looking for a new one, or if you just want to touch the Mike‘s nipples because you’ll be working in the same office as he is, US Auto Parts Philippines is looking for people. So If you have the following:

  • Experience with blogging platforms, preferably WordPress
  • Strong English communication skills
  • Willingness to work full-time in the vicinity of Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Just email Rico here if you’re interested! Okay, Rico? You may put the big nice fucking gun down. Now.


DISCLAIMER: This is not paid for (although it would be nice *cough*) nor am I affiliated in any way with US Auto Parts. I am just nice like that.

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