…Because I have a gig on the same day!

Yessiree, me and my new band, Crazy Monkey Girl, are playing tomorrow, March 31 at Boiler Room in Marikina! Yes, Marikina. I know, I know, some of you are quite apprehensive about them Marikina Orcs but I swear, we’re too awesome for you to pass up. Trust me.

So if you want to see a band with a name that doesn’t mean anything play it up amidst a crowd of skateboard-toting r0kkerzZzZzZ m/ throwing Red Horse bottles around, please be there. We be good, I swear.

So I now give you pictures of our practice yesterday. I wasn’t in the photos because stupid me realized that there were no groupies in the practice and there wasn’t anyone to take pictures of me and I’m kinda apprehensive of jologs wanting to kill me because of the death threats I’ve been receiving lately. Yay!

The studio.

The vocalist, Bok, doing the rock star thing.


So please watch us. If you’re a girl, I swear I won’t drug your drink and generally have my way with you.

But please still vote for me coz I swear I want to win the Blogger’s Choice Awards. Yay!

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