So last Sunday I went to SM Megamall for this event where a bunch of bloggers sit together, bring out their laptops, PSPs, iPhones, iPod touches, and any other wifi devices, and basically surf. You know to just go around the net and do the stuff that we usually do in your office or homes. Except us bloggers were in the center of the mall where we stress-test the newly-installed wifi to make sure it’s up to speed. Heh. That was a private joke there for all the bloggers who went to the event. You have to do a speedtest to get the punchline, you see, because- meh, nevermind.

My little Eee PC, chillin’ like a villain

Aaaaanyway, so I arrived pretty late. The testing area was already packed by then. I ran into Marocharim, Sha, Karla, Bong, Josh, Lizz, Jonel and a lot of other bloggers whose names escape me at the moment. (So guys, please, if we were in the same table and/or ran into each other, just leave a comment and I’ll add you to the list.)

So. We were there, posting jokes on Plurk, and within a few seconds everyone will reply to it, and then we’d look up from our computers, give each other knowing glances, and laugh. We were doing the routine for quite some time and it got so bad that even Lola Techie had to step in and tell us to stop doing so much online, because Plurk discussions on the feasibility of turning SM Carriedo into a wifi hotspot are alienating others.

We were sitting in a fenced-off area, sipping our fruit juices while everyone else stood outside the fences and watched us type retarded shit like “OMG PEOPLE STOP STARING AT US” on our laptops. There was this band called Manila Paris Confidential, an electronic jazz band, who did a pretty great job providing the music. The sound system was a trifle too loud, though. But I was sitting directly in front of one of the stage’s speakers, so I’m pretty sure the ringing in my ears is just a sign of my slowly turning deaf.

But seriously, I’m a big fan now.

Oh, yeah, I won a Wow Magic Sing. No, don’t get me wrong. You see, I’m not really lucky with raffles and shit (seriously, I’m like the world’s unluckiest man when it comes to raffles. I put in like 20 tickets for a raffle involving five people and I win NOTHING), so a Magic Sing is really awesome, you guys.

And no, I won’t make any dick-related jokes about the Magic Sing, even though it’s a huge microphone, and microphones are an easy target for dick jokes because they’re phallic and all and the Magic Sing is so big it might as well be a black dude’s- DAMMIT NOT AGAIN.

[Insert picture of me accepting the Magic Sing here.]

Um, guys? Help? I offer linkbacks!

I had loads of fun. It was the first event I’ve gone to in a long time, and it was totally worth braving the rain. Thanks to SM for the great event and also to Azrael for inviting me, yo.

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