I’m sorry, but I have to interrupt your daily dose of retard for some good ol’ fashioned pimpin’.

One of the sites I frequent and write for, The Man Blog, probably the only site dedicated to the awesomeness of man (actually, it’s a clever ploy by Mike “Fucking” Villar to get laid, amongst other things), has been nominated for the 9th Annual Philippine Web Awards!

Man Blog

Well, we are goddamn proud of this achievement because that means the TMB crews’ hard work paid off. You see, kidnapping the Webby award organizers and forcing them at gunpoint to get the nomination is a lot of work. By the way, don’t worry about them. After a few weeks of therapy I heard that they only cry themselves to sleep intermittently.

What’s in it for me?

So I ask you guys to please vote for The Man Blog and if we win, we promise you that Mike Villar will come over to your place and give you an orgasm that you’ll never forget.



Don’t worry, you’ll get the best rhinoplasty afterwards, an an apology for our rough behavior.

Sounds enticing. How do I vote?

You can vote in two ways: you can either visit the Online Voting Site and vote for TMB under BLOGS! Yeah, registering sucks, but you have to vote for TMB dammit, for the sake of all that is good and holy.

Or you can waste put to good use a month’s worth of prepaid cellphone credits by voting for TMB via text! You can just text:

WEBBYS [space] VOTE [space] 20

and send to:
Globe/Touch Mobile – 2973 | Sun Cellular – 2973 | Smart/Talk N’ Text – 210

Ok, so have we got a deal? Go my mindless minions, and wear out your thumbs in voting for TMB!

I’m done with the pimping and I’m going back to regular programming.

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