Little-known fact about me: I used to be part of UST’s Campus Ministry back in college. Yes, I used to volunteer and facilitate recollections, retreats, and similar activities. And yes, I also stood on stage and danced some charismatic songs in front of freshmen. And talked about Jesus and his love. A lot.

… Shut up.

I met some really good friends there, but unfortunately lost contact with most of them because of uncontrollable circumstances like graduating from college, my Yahoo! Messenger ID being hacked and the second YM ID crapping out, and subsequently losing my phone to a thief.

So apparently, I’ve evolved from being the “Kuya Ade” that everybody loves and runs to for advice to “Ade, that fat scary dude who writes borderline creepy shit on his blog”. No, seriously. You see, lately, I’ve been missing my college friends so much that I decided to look them up in Multiply and added them all.

And since I leave links from my Multiply to this blog every chance I can get, they stumbled upon some of my entries and I’ve been getting a deluge of messages from them that convey a sense of urgency and all.

Some messages like:

  • “What happened to you? You look like a tub of lard. Also, is that a heart attack?”
  • “You seriously need an exorcism soon.”
  • “… Schizo.”
  • “RAPIST! To think I gave you hugs back in college!” (this came from a guy)
  • “My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will punish you for the heresy you have just written.”
  • “Oi! Friendster testimonial ko?”

I really appreciate the concern and all, but aren’t we all going a wee bit overboard with this “Ade has changed and is now a creepy fat guy” thing? Because, seriously, I don’t feel any different at all. I’m just fatter. And sweatier. And has less inhibitions to commit sodomy. No, wait!

But yeah, I’m the same old Ade that you guys used to hang out with and made fun of all those years ago. C’mon guys, seriously. I could see the sign of the cross and the backwards step that you do everytime I try to go up to you.

What about you guys? Did you have people going up to you and telling you guys that you’ve changed and all?

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