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You all know that I have this pretty awesome band called Lose Your Beer Belly, right? And you also are aware that I still don’t know why a bunch of talented and awesome musicians are letting some untalented hack hang out with them in the first place.

So I entered the band in this online battle of the bands around a few weeks ago, which resulted in screams of panic from my bandmates. We practically had no idea what to do, or what’ll happen. Also, I chose to send in the video where I looked kind of like a bloated barnacle.

So fast forward to last Friday. I opened my RSS Reader and I found out that we actually got in the semifinals. Now this is where things went crazy. You know that I have this dream to become a rockstar right? I mean, to quit the cozy, comfortable, assured corporate life and to trade it for the hazy, shitty, constantly near-poverty life of a rock star.

[to my boss: I love my job plz to not take that last statement seriously ktnxbai]

Random image is random

And seeing that I am one step closer to reaching my dream, I freaked out. As in the “screaming like Kris Aquino and fanning face with fingers while jumping with both legs high in the air” kind of freaking out.

By the way, my self-image went from this:

to this:

Now this is the part where things get weird. I don’t remember much from the weekend, except for a hazy image of a golden retriever, a jar of peanut butter, a spoon, my penis, and my bandmates screaming “ADE ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY DON’T DO IT OHMYGOD YOU JUST DID IT EEEW EEEW EEEW.”

Now I’m not too sure, but I think this is what happened:

Anyway, what I’d like to ask for is that you, my loyal reader (yes, both of you), vote for my band. You should head on over to this site, look for Lose Your Beer Belly on the poll in the sidebar Add Philips Bandwidth on Facebook and vote for us by leaving a comment here! Please! I do sexual favors and shit!

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