UPDATE: Eraserheads box set review here

The Heads Set book

Photo by Sha

So it was announced that the much-awaited Eraserheads box set (called The Heads Set for those who are anal about their box set titles) would be finally released. I’ve been excitedly waiting for this since it was announced sometime last year – hey, Sony-BMG has to capitalize on the hype generated by the last two reunion concerts, right?

For those planning to storm the nearest record bar and scare the shit out of the nearest saleslady – hold your horses. It looks like The Heads Set will only be available in Greenwich stores starting September 6, thanks to information helpfully shared to us by Karla. You can, you know, storm the nearest Greenwich branch and scare the shit out of the nearest cashier.

The initial details shared was kind of vague: all we had to do was to purchase six pizzas, and we get the box set. So me and a bunch of friends (Larry, Marco, Charles, and Bim, who was there for the pizza and couldn’t care less about the Eraserheads) trooped to the nearest Greenwich branch to order the shit out of their pizza – a day we dubbed The Pizzapocalypse. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a logistics issue (on Greenwich’s end) which left my friends with a lot of pizza and no box set in hand.

Pizzapocalypse (photo by Marco)

However, I was late and I wasn’t able to buy six pizzas – only the first four people who were able to reserve a box set that morning would be given their copies the next day. So basically, even though Pizzapocalypse was a fail, Larry and Marco got their box sets earlier than 99% of the population. I can give you their addresses if you need someone to steal a certain Eraserheads box set from.

Okay, so what did we learn from the failed Pizzapocalypse experience?

  • The box set is a limited release, and it looks like it’s exclusive to Greenwich stores for now.
  • You have two options to to get your copy of The Heads Set:
  • First option is the more expensive but artery-cloggingly awesome route – you buy 3 Overloaded pizzas and 3 pitchers of softdrinks for P1,500 + 3 Bigatin Meals (a pizza, 4 pieces of chicken and 2 spaghettis) for P1,800++ = P3,300++, then you get the box set free
  • The second option is the cheaper but wimpier route – buy one Bigatin Meal and the box set for a one-time payment of P2,499
  • They’ll keep track of your purchases through a Starbucks-like sticker card system
  • Either option applies for dine-in and delivery
  • You have until October to get your box set

I was prepared to buy six pizzas and stuff myself for the next couple of days, but somehow I went for the wimpier option and got the Barkada Feast and box set for P2,500. Also, I’m kind of a cheapskate. Since I wasn’t one of the first four to have a box set reserved, I’ll be getting my copy this Thursday. I do know of a few people who were able to get their copies ahead of me because they opted for delivery – an option I am sorely annoyed for not even considering.

But I am really excited about getting my hands on the box set containing 10 CDs (all studio albums and a compilation of the EPs/non-album tracks), a DVD called Pop-u-mentary, a T-shirt, and a book. In fact, I’ll write about The Heads Set once I get my hands on it come Thursday.

Now excuse me while I burp off this pizza and pasta I’ve been eating for the last hour or so.

UPDATE: I got my copy of The Heads Set a day early! Review here!

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