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Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince: Expectations

aLOLhamoraAs you all know, I’m a pretty big Harry Potter fan. Shut up. Anyway, Harry Potter is probably the only fandom right now that has more vicious fanatics than Twilight, because I never see Twilight movie tickets being presold a week before the showing.

But anyway, my point is that Harry Potter is opening today, dammit. And I haven’t bought any tickets yet. And I am not willing to wait for an hour for tickets just to sit in a cramped cinema, with some kid with a bad cold sitting beside me, trying to remind me of his existence (and the snot that’s flowing down his nose) every time he inhales.

And when the most exciting part of the movie comes, the kid will get bored, wail to his parents that he wants to pee/go home/eat a burger/my foot in his face/whack off. And when one kid wails, this sets off a chain reaction. I don’t know how they do that. One kid cries, and the next thing you know, you’re in the middle of a cacophony of ear-bleeding shrieks. Fucking kids.

But really, I do not want to miss Harry Potter 6. I mean, as much as I’m a big fan, I want to watch it in IMAX as well, so I can get to see Emma Watson’s boobs in 3-D. What.

Of course, I’m a good citizen and I won’t go to your friendly neighborhood prated DVD shops just to get a shaky cam capture of the movie. Heck, if I wanted to replicate the movie experience, I might as well brave the long lines and the hyperactive kids. No, I shall not break the law buy buying a pirated DVD. Okay, that sexual harassment thing’s another story, but whatev.

Anyway, if I find a way to (lawfully) break into a cinema’s projection room so I can climb out of it into the premiere portion of the cinema, I’d be the happiest man on earth. And before the security guards escort me out of the cinema (for doing legal stuff expected from an exemplary law-abiding citizen like me), I should be able to (lawfully) steal popcorn and drinks from an old lady sitting in the corner, and I’d be able to catch at least half of the film.

Of course, I want them to be totally faithful to the book, so filmmakers, if you’re thinking of putting in that scene where Harry gets trampled on by Smurfs, it’s totally out of the question. However, if the filmmakers decide to show the lost chapter where Hermione and Luna Lovegood engage in lesbian sex the shower while explosions happen around them, I’m totally for it.

Emma Watson

Anyway, my point is that I’m totally excited for Harry Potter 6. In fact, I might be so excited that I might scream “SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE!” and make the kids cry as soon as the movie starts.

Oh yeah, that was a spoiler. Sorry.


  1. actually, they did presell twilight tickets… but yeah, no-one who matters cared.

  2. I never thought you are a HUGE Harry Potter fan. Ever heard of Hogwarts Phils?

  3. Geez, I know what you mean and I'm not talking about sexual harassment. Well, not yet though. Yeah, tickets here are sold out too. The earliest we can see Harry Potter is on Monday. WTFR?

  4. The wife went without me. FML.

  5. Thanks for the big spoiler you jerk! Oh well, I knew about it since last month anyways thanks to the gf forcing me to read the book.

    Speaking of which, we will see the movie tomorrow at the IMAX theater. If we survive the long queues that is.

  6. I'm a big HP fan but my budget really can't afford me to watch HP 6 on the big screen. I'll have to wait for the clear rip to be available on torrent sites, hihi.

    anyways, I'm quite excited to see the movie. The movie's feel is getting darker (based on the trailer). Currently, it is occupying 3 theaters in Ayala cinema. Very tempting to watch. :)

  7. SUPERLOLed at your last line.

    I USED TO DO THAT!!!!!

  8. "Of course, I’m a good citizen and I won’t go to your friendly neighborhood prated DVD shops just to get a shaky cam capture of the movie. Heck, if I wanted to replicate the movie experience, I might as well brave the long lines and the hyperactive kids…"

    Or you might as well watch Transformers 2 again and, in your mind, replace the Decepticons with Death Eaters. Might be interesting to see how "Dumbledore Prime" trash talks them as punk-asses.

    Anyway, the movie has been receiving rave reviews. Kind of what I expected after seeing the trailer, which is the best I've seen of the series so far.

  9. Seeing Emma Watson's knockers in 3D IMAX is a bit uncomfortable. But if she has a nudie scene with Dumbledore, I'm all up for it. You go, gurl!

  10. Yay for the spoiler. Now I don't have to watch the dumb movie.
    .-= joyfulchicken´s last blog ..Teriyaki Boy hates raw fish? =-.

  11. i hate the final scenes. they removed the violence. argh. and the 'sectumsempra!' scene was uhm, euphemized, i say. there's no bloooooooooooood. argh. the target market is still the younger audience. the movie has lots comedy and romance-shits. but not GORE, my goodness. :(

    • I thought the sectumsempra scene was great.

      I was hoping for more humor though. The movie was too depressing.

      • actually, the movie was great. i just realized it a while ago. ha ha! true, there are some things in (magical)life that magic cannot solve ,their hormonal changes, undeniable mutual feelings,etc. so cheesy. lol. the movie was more realistic (:

  12. I am a big fan of HP too! I got the tickets 3 days before the premiere however we still have to line up..:(

    Too bad they didn't show Dumbledore's Funeral. It would have been great scene…;)

  13. aw, bat may spoiler? now i can't watch. hmf! *walks out* :p

  14. ahuhuhu,,,
    i was Disappointed sa MoVie..

  15. poor granger…

    YES.. on the last book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows…

    Hermoine gets killed by Tom Riddle aka Voldemort..
    she was protecting Ron.

    booohoooo.. cry cry..

    Potter saves the day and Hogwarts was in order once again.. dingdong the witches dick…

  16. for HP7, they're gonna cut the movie into 2 for november 2010 showing and a july 2011 showing…i wanted to murder the filmmakers for giving me an option of not going to watch the first part of HP7 and wait until the second part is just around the corner, or suffer from withdrawal by watching HP7 part 1 and spending the remaining months gnawing my fingernails in anticipation of the part 2..get what i mean? geez

  17. i wonder what you'd say on the next movie (book 7)to spoil the viewers. :D

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