So finally, after a few weeks of nail-biting suspense I finally recieved an email from Rising Internet Superstar Mike “Fucking” Villar telling me that I’ve been inducted into the awesome, amazing, exclusive and totally mind-blowing Dash Media Network. If you’ve been living under a rock for the last two weeks or so and you don’t know what Dash Media is, I’ve put up a page about Dash Media’s philosophy here.

Dash Media Yay!

According to the email,

Out of over a hundred submissions, only 22 blogs made the final cut to qualify as members of the Dash Media Network. These blogs are not merely the best of the lot but more importantly passed through the most stringent of criteria focused on the quality of the content. Your blog has been chosen as one them. Congratulations!


I don’t know if the guys at Dash Media lost their minds. Their tagline is “Simply the Coolest Content Online”, and I never thought of this blog as anything but retarded. I guess cool fits in as well now. Anyway, being inducted into this awesome network puts some pressure on me. So in the next few days, in order to keep the network’s high standards, I will be posting about:

  • A blow-by-blow account of my totally uneventful day where the highlight was me scratching my crotch
  • Uninspired poetry
  • Song lyrics
  • Every single plugin and code tweak that I do to my blog. I KEEL THEE BY BOREDOM LOL111
  • Memes. Memes. Memes.
  • Lame attempts to be snarky in order to gain attention
  • yO bRuThA m fRoM tHa GhEtToZZZ y’aLL!
  • Dicks.
  • Copy-and-pasted forwarded emails
  • “Philisophical” entries where I try to be more profound than I really am
  • Loads and loads of pictures that you wouldn’t be interested in
  • Quizzes. Because the reference to them is mandatory.

If those things don’t interest you, 25 blogs have been inducted, and you can browse and be blown away by the other blogs selected to be part of Dash Media:

If you want to be part of Dash Media, just keep on visiting their website. I’m sure they’d be opening up a second round of submissions soon. If your content is good enough, you’ll make it!

Also, I just wanted to gloat. What I really wanted to talk about is Steel’s commentwhoring adventures here.

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