I didn’t win the iPod Video at the Blog Parteeh.

So me, Karla, Aaron and Ajay went around looking for a Starbucks after the event, so we’d have some drinks to match our newly-acquired half-dozen boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts. And I also wanted to drink away my iPod-induced misery.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find a Starbucks, but we did find a quaint little place where they had good cappuccinos.

AARON: There donuts are delicious.
ME: [munching on a donut while crying] But I wanted the iPod
KARLA: Aw c’mon Ade, there are like fifty bloggers there and one iPod.
ME: But you see, I have ID# 1079! And the winner‘s ID was 1078! I am emo!!! [stops crying long enough to stuff my face with another donut]
AJAY: You seem so contented enough with the donuts. And you have a nano.
ME: I’m a [stuffs two donuts into mouth] loser.
AARON: Here. Slash your wrists already! [hands me a dinner knife]
ME: No way man.

And so ends my pathetic desire to get a new iPod just weeks after I bought me a nano.

But iPod-emoness aside, it was fun. I was finally able to meet some of the people whose blogs I’ve been reading for the last year or so. And it was surprising that some people who I thought didn’t know I existed went up to me and said that they actually read my blog. I salute them for their valor. I mean, after all the creepy stuff I posted here, I was thinking that being in the same room with me would scare some people away.

But I think they mostly wanted to see if I really had man boobs.

I also noticed that the most whispered line in the Parteeh was “Siya pala un!”

I myself was saying that like mad when we had this contest of sorts where screenshots of blogs were projected at random. And the owner of the blog had to talk about his/her blog. I was among the few who were going “oooh” and “aaah”. And since I am a blogger and don’t have a social life, when it was my turn to talk about my blog, I was hit with a bad case of brain death.

ME: Hi, I’m Ade and this is.. [looks at screen to view the screenshot of my blog’s fugly layout. It was NOT my blog’s layout] …not my blog.
AUDIENCE: *obligatory pity laugh for bad pun*
ME: [legs shaking] Thank you for laughing. I am a blogger. A funny blogger. I talk about me. I blog. I’m here for the iPod.
ME: Just visit my site please. There lots of ads to click on! Make me rich! Yay!
KARLA: Um, Ade, there’s somebody from Google here.
ME: *sobs*

So I mostly hung out with Aaron. But I was able to talk with Jhay, Benj, Yuga, Tess, Major, Darwin, Will, Jomar, Poell, Gail, Jayvee, Migs, Joseph, Luis, Chris, Noemi and her daughter Laura, and some other people. I’m really sorry. I was hit on the head too many times when I was a kid (mostly by myself) and I’m really bad with names. To make up for it, I’m gonna list down all the people who attended and were invited (if you’re not on the list, tell me and I’ll add your blog).


Also, Marcelle‘s magic tricks were teh awesome!

Oh I almost forgot, I have pictures here. You see, at the BlogCon, I forgot to bring my camera along and since nobody wanted to take a picture of me for fear of breaking their cameras, there was no evidence at all that I attended.

And I realized that not winning the iPod wasn’t a big loss at all. I still won a USB fan which I’m currently enjoyng right now. Wait, why am I smelling something burning? Lemme check— HOLY MOTHER OF CUNTS MY USB PORT’S ON FIR—

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