Dear DtH,

I have never been in a relationship ever. EVER!

Is it because I wear more eyeliner than them girls or that I have this thick eyeglasses than magnifies my tears 1090968x as the usual? It hurts!

The world is against me and I will cut myself tonight again but not too much so that I’ll live and people will know how sad my life is and will pity me. Aaagh… f*ck romance! *slits wrists*


Dear xxEmoBoi78xx,

You make me proud. Just keep on hating yourself, the world, and all other crap out there. If you work hard enough, they’ll pity you, I’m sure. What they’ll do with a loser like you I’m not sure. But I’m sure that you’ll get a mighty fine scar on your wrists that’ll scream “NUTCASE”. That’s gonna be a fine trophy to carry for the rest of your life.


Dear DtH,

Why oh why is the world cruel? I mean, my girlfriend left me for another guy. It’s all her fault. She’s a liar. I mean, it’s her damn fault why I had three other girlfriends.

I know she just wants me to die, but I’ll beat her to it!

Killing me, of course.

In fact, I’ve been cutting myself all week just to prove it. Now I have to write a song to provide me an outlet for my pain!

– hurting_insyde

Dear hurting_insyde,

Have you ever considered using this to cover up your scars? It’s totally perfect. And yeah, blame everything that happens to your life on everyone else. That would be perfect, because your conscience would be clean. Wear black though. It would be the perfect indicator of your conscience’s purity.

Oh, are you crying now?



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