So I spent last Saturday waking up at 3pm, going online, exchanging nonsensical banter with Sorsi (I mean 30 minutes wasted on ranting about Jollibee, of all things. WTF), talking to Juice,and generally being boring and shit. C’mon, I just spent my Friday and Saturday at home. Online. When nobody else is. So as I closed my laptop I sat back and wished for something exciting to happen today. Something. Anything.

Remember what they say about being careful of what you wish for?

Because the next thing I knew, my sister was running around in a panic screaming “GUYS THE NEIGHBOR’S HOUSE IS ON FIRE! FIRE! FIRE I TELLS YA!” Of course, being the idiot I am, instead of grabbing the nearest stuff to save, I watched her run around the room while I scratched my head, genuinely wondering what the hulabaloo is all about. After five minutes of watching her panic, I just had to ask her “When you say fire, you mean the take-down-your-entire-house-and-cause-massive-damage-to-life-and-property type fire?” which promptly earned me a slap on the forehead. You see, I failed to notice the fact that the fire is visible from the window behind my sister.

So I (slowly) went to check how bad the fire is. I also noticed that there was a tree between our neighbor’s house and our house, and that the branches of the tree were resting on our house’s roof. And of course, sparks were flying from the burning house to the tree. Then it (slowly, very slowly) dawned on me that somehow, there was a chance of the tree catching fire and maybe, just maybe, burning our (mostly-wood) house to the ground as well.

I know it doesn’t look scary here, but trust me it was big.

Which started my mad dash to gather up all my stuff to save, which as we all know, if you’re in a panic, you never get to gather up your things logically. In my case, I managed to salvage:

  • Toothpaste (not one toothbrush was salvaged)
  • Old clothes that I haven’t worn for five years and probably won’t fit me, while the clothes I always wear were neatly stacked next to them and it never occured to me to get those clothes
  • A lightbulb
  • A shoe. Yes, singular. I can’t find the other one.
  • My laptop’s cooling pad. I left my laptop at home.
  • My desktop’s keyboard. I left my desktop at home (yeah, yeah, you get it)
  • A woolen coat. I probably need the wool for this hot humid summer weather or something.

So we load all these into our van and my dad drives the van two blocks away. I stay at home, waiting for progress and for the news vans to arrive so I can fulfill my lifelong destiny to be on national television by smiling stupidly and waving at the camera while some newscaster talks about the fire, my house gutted with flames in the background for dramatic effect.

And then fire trucks came from nowhere.

I, for one, did not pass up the opportunity to have my picture taken with these very busy men and badgering them every five minutes or so to ask if they have internet access at home because I want them to read my blog.

Yeah, I took lots of pictures while everyone else was panicking and shit.
Big help that night, I was.

An hour later, the fire was under control, and we were able to sit and relax knowing that even though the neighbor’s house was still burning, our home was safe. After another hour, I could see the firemen giving each other high fives and wrapping up.

Wrapping up.

So thanks to these awesome firemen who were able to take care of the fire quickly, our house was barely touched by the fire, and we managed to haul our stuff back in. Which was a lot harder than hauling stuff out when you’re pumped with adrenalin and shit.

Also, not one news van came by. Feh.

So what about you guys? Have you been in a close call as well? Tell me about it!