The Philippines, as you may know, is a mostly agricultural country. We have farms all around, plus hectares & hectares of rice fields. The less-developed places are amazing, really. There’s nipa huts (bahay kubo) all around, and you don’t even have to worry about the anxieties of modern life (mainly your PC succumbing to a trojan or something).

But then there’s cows.

Yes, cows.

They’re everywhere. When you’re driving down a rural road, you get to see about 10 of ’em before you reach your destination. In America kids have a game called “spot the car”. We have “spot the cows & close the car windows before the smell fills the car.”

Yes, the smell.

‘Coz I’m gonna rant about cow poo.

Y’know, I have this friend who lives in a semi-rural area. Their place is almost like Smallville, I guess. But they don’t have Kryptonite-induced mutants running around.

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Well, his school had a bunch of cows grazing on the football field. Yes, I’m serious. What the cows are for I don’t know.

One monday morning, his class goes to school, only to find their classroom locked. So they wait for a few minutes for the janitor to unlock their room. Lo and behold, in the middle of their classroom was a huge, stinky, steaming pile of COW POO!!!

Imagine: one day you enter your classroom & you find a brown swirl of cowpie.

They never found out how in the world did the cow manage to enter their locked classroom & relieve itself there.

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So what’s the point of my story?


Here, have some cereal.

Fudge Ripples. Yum.

Lookit that texture! The color! the shape!

It looks even better when it’s soggy!

*images taken from here.