So I arrived at Mall of Asia with The Mordo and Helga, incredibly late for the Buhay Coke ng Bloggers event at Taste Asia. I was particularly excited because the last two blogging events I attended at Taste Asia involved a lot of unlimited alchohol and food and nobody in his right mind would turn down such an offer.

Despite me wanting to soclialize and all, the memory of that girl who threatened to rip my “right testicle off and throw it into the bowels of Manila Bay” back from the first Taste Asia event daunted me. So I just hung out at the TMB and i.PH table with Mike, Bim, Fritz, Lauren, Liz, Marco, Ozy, Tahn, Cai, Wits, Mica, Yel, Madz, Uretz, Ting, Rico, Jayvee, Phoebe, and Kris.

Photo by Fritz

Also, the TMB table was probably the noisiest of it all, owing to the fact that Bim and Mike were fighting over the affections of any random girl who passes by:

BIM: “Hey there little girl, if you were stuck in a desert island with me, Mike, and a goat, who would you choose?”

The goat won the tally by an impressive lead.

Mike, disappointed that he didn’t get any tail, decided to make a move on Marco instead:

Photo by Fritz

I’m pretty sure my humongous frame caused a panic when I approached the bar and asked for a beer, because the girl just took one look at me, stood in silence for a few seconds, and then screamed: “TONYO! WE NEED FOUR CASES OF BEER HERE ASAP!” I walked away, five bottles of beer in hand, bewildered. I got drunk quite early and making an awesome job of making a fool out of myself (as such is my job in these events: be the guy who everyone will regret bringing along) by screaming my head off in once corner. I think I also scared off a couple of people because I vaguely remember somebody making the sign of the cross as she ran away from me, screaming for the cops.

Anyway, aside from the fact that I made a total fool out of myself and I won’t be expecting any invitations to blog events involving alchohol and food anytime soon, I was able to win a Coke Dinnerware set, and of course I got the free case of Coke Zero which I am keeping in my room and contemplating on chugging down a little while after I finish this blog entry.

Also, hi to Kring, Coy, Poyt, Joe, Marcelle, Juned, Benj, Arbet Loggins, Jester, Jeff, Azrael, Eric, and all the bloggers I met there. Just leave a comment here if you want to be linked.

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