I know you’re probably fed up and pissed off with all my posts pimping my band and all, and you’re probably really uninterested and shit. I don’t blame you, really. I’m really, really very sorry. You see, I’ve been out of a band for years. It’s probably because my old bandmates kicked me out for my pathetic excuse of guitar skills. Wait, they didn’t kick me out. They all left the band – at the same time – and formed a new one, while ignoring my pleas to let me join them. Those assholes.

1995 – Ade discovers a stash of his dad’s old Beatles tapes. And spends seven years listening to nothing but The Beatles, which led to his being laughed at in school because everyone else was listening to classics such as “I Saw The Sign” and “Jabongga”.

1996 – Ade realizes that he could actually consider taking up playing the guitar. So he badgers his folks to buy him the cheapest guitar they could find.

Not an actual picture

1997 – Ade, with his best buddy Ker, decide to write songs and shit. We were able to write deep and meaningful songs such as Ang Brip Ko Ay Hindi Pink… Pulang Malabnaw Lang To.

1998 – Ade decides to take up the bass, because he figured out that instead of sweating over chords and shit he’d probably do better playing one note at a time. Yeah, he’s lazy like that.

1999 – Ade and Ker, along with friends TJ, Sandra, Carlo and Aries, decide to form a band. They decide to call their band Against Presumption against their better judgment, and swore that this band will be the most awesome thing since sliced bread and that they will rock the shit out of anybody. And they proceeded to cover Eric Gadd’s Do You Believe In Me? and EWF’s September. Good times.

2000-2003Against Presumption begins to play in various bars, school concerts, company Christmas parties, proms, weddings, debuts, and baranggay fiestas.

2004Against Presumption disbands unofficially. I mean, if your keyboardist decides to take up violin and joins an orchestra, your vocalist joins Star In A Million,  and your guitarist decides to take up a cooking career in Macau, you’re more likely than not disbanded, right? Amirite gais?

2006 – Ade, along with some officemates, realizes that they could play instruments and decides to form a band. The company enters them into a Battle of The Bands two days after the band was formed, hence the name 2 Days Notice. Also, it was the most stressful two days of my life. I mean, going up on stage amidst a raging storm and nearly getting electrocuted in the process? Excellent.

20072 Days Notice goes through a lot, and I mean a lot, of lineup changes. They also changed their name to Crazy Monkey Girl for some weird unknown reason. We also started to mingle with and reach out to r0kkerzZzZ m/ and Marikina Orcs.

2008 – Realizing that the band is made up of mostly fatties, the band changes its name to Lose Your Beer Belly. Also, Ade is trying to convince his bandmates to consider playing Ang Brip Ko Ay Hindi Pink… Pulang Malabnaw Lang To in their next gig. He will probably fail.

Lose Your Beer Belly will be playing in The Man Blog’s Banana Gangbang Rock Festival this coming May 3 in Bela Bar, along with bands such as Sanity Kit, Zoo, Tempestuous, Drift, Mannequin, and 30th of March. Watch nao!

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